The Galaga Queen
"Hello, I'm Chiaki Nanami. You can call me whatever you prefer, it's nice to meet you."

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Really? Welps, sorry ‘bout that! I guess Celery hasn’t gotten in touch with her upperclass buds as yet. Let me give you a teeny-weensy hint on where you’d find Celery, galagal— she’s usually hanging around the recreation room, but if you don’t see her there, opt for asking the doofus butler Yamada! —Oh, and my name? Ehh… I’m Erika. And you don’t need to be so formal! It’s okesy-dokesy. Hehehe. Hey, by the way, I heard you were into videogames! Is that true!? Hohoho! 

"I don’t know what you mean by upperclass, but alright. That doesn’t exactly sound too nice to be calling this Yamada a doofus… though I can’t actually agree or disagree as I have never met him either. It’s nice to meet you, Erika." Nanami laughed a little nervously, seeing as how she was maybe going a bit too far to give a good impression on this new person. Her hands clasped together gently afterwards. "Yes! Actually, that’s what my best talent is. I don’t go anywhere without my handhelds." The gamer reached into her pocket, pulling out a simple gameboy. "New ones, old ones, all are good to me."


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Good morning… or should I say afternoon?


N-Naturally, t-they’re not. Chemistry i-is a dangerous business, especially when you’re dealing with illegal substances. B-But even when dealing with “safe” chemicals, one wrong move and flesh melts away from bone. 

A-Are you diagnosing me, Nanami-san? How strange—I’m the medical expert around here, a-and I certainly don’t feel feverish. M-My well-being i-is none of your concern. Though I’m predisposed to rudeness, f-feigned concern only exacerbates m-my irritation

Power off, Nanami-san. S-Save some battery life and get out of my hair before I personally take matters into my own hands. 

Wait, you’re not supposed to have these things? That’s not right! You shouldn’t own those types of substances… especially if they’re planned for something they weren’t originally made for. I don’t even think well-known doctors have such things… nor really any current chem labs, but I haven’t been to any of those so I wouldn’t be certain.

Not… exactly, I mean, I’m just worried. Being in a room full of a large mixture of chemicals and processes can really upset your body, the fumes can be fatal, can they not? I’m not faking any of this, if that’s what you’re thinking! I just don’t want something bad to happen… to anyone. And at this rate, danger is the only thing I can feel right now.

You’re starting to concern me more… please don’t so something you’ll regret later. It’s not worth anything to be testing around with dangerous objects.



Aw, you silly patootie! Celery’s only a nickname I’ve made up for Celestia Ludenberg! Of course she’d have buddies and homies, since she’s, like, super rich and smart! Did you know she’s a primadonna girl? Well, she’s not really one, but you get my flow! [ Shaking her head in quizzical delight, a bubbly smile adorns her face. ] Eh, but as I was saying— do you wanna, like, get to know each other? I’m kinda clueless here! Hehe! 

"Oh! My bad… I don’t really know about her, we haven’t talked or hung out like my other friends. I should try that sometime, see if she’s up to it." She shrugs, hands gently clasping onto the straps of her bag. "I don’t see why not, sure. It would’ve been nicer if I introduced myself earlier, sorry about that. My name’s Chiaki Nanami. What would yours be?"

I was too sick to sleep last night and now I literally can’t unu the only thing to do is stay up and pass the time I guess.


☆  GAME  ON  ☆



Ooooh! Look, look! Like, there’s strangers all over the place! Hey, I don’t memorize all of Celery’s buddies, but let’s like, get to know each other? If you want? So you won’t get confused like I am right now! 

"…Celery? Isn’t that a type of food? Actually, to be quite honest, I’m not all too sure why I’m even asking that… of course celery is a type of food! It isn’t living though, how would a piece of celery have friends?" That seemed to confuse the girl already, even though she had no idea who this was.

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Mmm…I-I need to get some ephedrine…perhaps another liter of hydriodic acid. The m-market’s a couple of miles out…for now, I’ll put it on my list for tomorrow. Need to create more bacteria cultures—shigella is something I’ve a-always wanted to try…

Ah. T-Thank you, f-for interrupting my train of thought—truly. What d-do you possibly want at t-this hour of the night aside f-from your internal organs strewn across the floor. 

T-Tsumiki-san? The items you were listing off… those don’t sound safe when put together. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you, but I heard some noises around here and it didn’t really sound normal.

Nor is… the fact that you’re threatening to cut me open. What’s wrong? Have you caught a fever of some sort? It is a little late for anyone to be up… which is strange, I could’ve sworn you went to bed several hours ago. Maybe I’m not seeing things correctly.