The Galaga Queen
"Hello, I'm Chiaki Nanami. You can call me whatever you prefer, it's nice to meet you."

[[Indie rp account for Chiaki Nanami from SDR2. Will not be spoiler free, but spoilers will be tagged as best as I can. There might be possible nsfw, depending on the subject. I am open to OC's and other fandoms. All art on this blog is not mine and belongs to their respected artists unless stated otherwise. Reading the About and/or headcanons page before rping will help you understand some of the things she does, but you don't have to if you don't want to. I would just appreciate it.]]

[[I track the tags dazed galaga and dazedgalaga. Don't use the hyphen please, or I most likely will not find the starter unless you send me a message.]]

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Relationship Status: Multi-ship
Current: Relaxed
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"…Is this because of what happened earlier? Because I am sorry for that, I don’t normally get angry over little things… but I don’t mind! Sure, if you want to."

Posted on September 8, 2013